ASAN SANGHOE - Recruitment

February 10 (Wed) - March 18 (Thu), 2021, 5PM KST

Entrepreneurship education & acceleration program for North Korean resettler, South Korean and international youth.

Telephone: 02-3453-8937



is a global team-entrepreneurship program

for North Korean resettlers, South Korean and foreign youth,

preparing them for the future of the united Koreas.

⚠️The program will be conducted mostly in Korean,

hence at least intermediate language level is required (TOPIK 3⬆)


Why Join?

Start Building a Social Impact Venture

With support of an entrepreneurship educational program!

Learn from the best!

Expert coaches and mentors will guide you through the team and business building process.

Work in a Diverse Team

Work with team-entrepreneurs from North Korea, South Korea and all over the world! Learn to collaborate in diverse and inclusive teams.


K-Connect, IStory

2nd Batch Participant

"The ASAN SANGHOE program brought me together with some wonderful people that I now call my close friends and the co-founders of our startup company."



2nd Batch Participant

"ASAN SANGHOE taught me about the importance of being open-minded when working with a team of diverse backgrounds"


ASAN SANGHOE Opportunities

  • Program Support

    The whole program (including Marketing Trip) is covered and supported by The Asan Nanum Foundation

  • Certification

    The Asan Nanum Foundation’s official certificate of completion upon finishing the Entrepreneurship Education program

  • Seed Fund

    Early-stage seed fund upon advancing to phase 2 of Acceleration
    (KRW 4 million)

  • Matching Grant

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  • MARU180 Benefits

    MARU180 benefits for teams that complete the whole ASAN SANGHOE program

program Timeline


Application: February 20 - March 18

Interviews: March 23 & 24

Results Announcement March 26

Entrepreneurship Education

Program: April 7 - August 20

Evaluation workshop & Graduation ceremony: September 1 - 3

Acceleration Program

12 week acceleration program: September 22 - December 31

(*only for selected teams) 

Have more questions?

Watch our Ask Me Anything session from Feb 25, 2021 


Application Deadline :
March 18 (Thu), 2021 5pm


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